Mental illness affects one in five adults and one in 10 children in America, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Furthermore, mental illness is a leading cause of disability, yet nearly two-thirds of people with a diagnosable mental illness do not seek treatment, and racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. are even less likely to get help, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

During National Minority Mental Health Month, help raise awareness in your organization or community. Encourage your family, friends, loved ones and clients to learn more about improving mental health and illness.

Mental Health Disparities

Minorities are less likely to receive diagnosis and treatment for their mental illness, have less access to and availability of mental health services and often receive a poorer quality of mental health care.

African Americans and Mental Health
American Indians/Alaska Natives and Mental Health
Asian Americans and Mental Health
Hispanics/Latinos and Mental Health


Photo of Elk Sage with horse

Elk Sage is helping youth of the Northern Arapaho Tribe fight the epidemics of suicide and substance abuse that threaten their well-being. Hear his story .

Projects and Partnerships

A few of our grants, projects and partnerships helping to reduce disparities and promote better mental health:

Communities Addressing Childhood Trauma (ACT) Program
Youth Empowerment II grant program
Re-Entry Community Linkages (RE-LINK) grant program
Behavioral health and formerly incarcerated individuals

Spotlight: Communities Addressing Childhood Trauma (ACT) Program Awards Announced

The purpose of the Communities Addressing Childhood Trauma (ACT) program is to test the effectiveness of innovative approaches in promoting healthy behaviors among minority and/or disadvantaged youth at-risk for poor health and life outcomes due to childhood trauma.

Learn more about the ACT awardees.

Other Resources

Myths and Facts
Talking About Mental Health
Community Conversations Toolkit
Treatment Locator (en español)
National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health
SAMHSA Office of Behavior Health Equity

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